Rare 69' Boss 429 Mustang

Check out this rare and valuable piece. It’s Tom Hernquist’s 1969 Boss 429 Mustang but it could be yours. This car is being sold at the Barrett-Jackson Auction (Lot #1283) in Scottsdale, Arizona on Saturday, January 17th at 8:00pm. This car has a few special factoids. First of all it was never purchased new but rather dedicated as a drag car. Some research unearthed photos of the car on the track so Tom decided to reproduce the race decals. Check this monster out here - it won’t cost you anything to look!

Terry Cook's "Bugnotti"

We proudly present the pictures of Terry Cook's "Bugnotti". It's an Auburn Boat Tail Speedster inspired concoction, infused with a Bugotti grill and headlights, that makes for one very impressive final presentation. This car was designed by world renowned automotive designer Chip Foose and built by master metal beater (all though this car is fiberglass) Ramsey Mosier from Delaware. "Bugnotti" will be on tour all summer and eventually sold at auction. Get out your checkbooks! For details on where to see and/or buy this car check out decorides.com.

HRP's First Feature Bike

We just shot our first feature bike and here are the photos for you to savor and enjoy. It's Jim Adams Big Dog Mastif and it has been heavily customized. The paint job is beautifully done with a really cool theme. The "Evil Twin" was painted by Mark Brown from Darlington, MD. Check out some of his fantastic airbrush artwork on his website at markbrown-studio.net. We got our good friend and playboy model, Heather Childs, to pose on this beauty and the results are stunning.

Terry Cook's "Deco Liner"

We just got finished shooting this amazing vehicle. Terry debuted his new Zephyr Sedan Delivery June, 6th at the Street Rod Nationals East in York, PA, where it totally stole the show. You can see our pictorial coverage of the event on our web gallery by clicking here. He brought the car directly to HRP after the event and we spent 12 hours photographing this work of art. Terry has been selling Zephyr fiberglass bodies but now offers Zephyr Sedan Delivery bodies and built this car to show people what could be done. Learn more about Terry's business at decorides.com. Click here to see all the best pictures from this shoot.

Parke Bishop's 53' Chevy

Here's another really cool piece. We met Parke at the Ocean City Cruise in May of 08'. He and his 53' were on display in the DuPont Hot Hues booth. This car has some really slick tricks, like the Mercedes headlights, the combination of polished and brushed trim, the custom tail lights, and the straight six under the hood. Our friend Heather Childs posed for us and I'll think you'll agree that both are stunning. Check out all of the shots by clicking here.

HRP in Fine Living Lancaster Magazine

The current issue of Fine Living Lancaster Magazine just hit the streets here in LA PA with a nice advertorial spotlighting HRP. The owner of the magazine put together a shoot with several advertisers including a regional Ad Agency executive, Range Rover dealership, and Fashion Boutique. It was a pretty neat deal. Thanks to everyone involved. Check out ISSUE 6 in the issue archive at finelivinglancaster.com

Terry Cook's Custom Delahaye Project

This past week we shot an amazing vehicle. It's an all metal remake of an original Delahaye. Terry Cook is a legendary "hot rodder" who is building the Delahaye. You can learn more about Terry and his companies Delahaye USA at delahayeusa.com and Deco Rides at decorides.com. Also, stay tuned to hotrodportraits.com because we are also going to shoot Terry's newest Zephyr Sedan Delivery and Chip Foose designed Boat Tail Speedster.

Check out some of the best pics from the shoot here

Hot Rod Portraits New Website

Welcome to our new website. This is the place where you can see what we do and get in contact with us once you are ready for us to do it for you. It's been a year and a half in the making but we've finally published a site that has lots of content, let's people know what we are all about, and looks great doing it. We are so exited for people to feast their eyes on our new studio and the amazing images we're producing here. So once you've had a gander at what we're capable of give us a call, make an appointment, and let us capture your dream ride.