The "Essence" of a 67' Firebird

Hot Rod Portraits is proud to show you Sam and Bonnie Lynn’s 67' Firebird “Essence”. This is possibly the nicest and coolest Firebird we’ve ever seen. This car has been touring the indoor car show circuit for the last year winning awards everywhere! It is an absolutely stunning piece and we think this represents our best work to date! We hope you agree.


HRP at the Inaugural Sturgis Road Show

We got to shoot the 2011 Sturgis Road Show bike - then were very honored to be invited to the show as a vendor. We set up our remote studio at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg and shot babes on bikes all weekend. Hey, tough gig but somebody has got to do it - and that somebody is me, baby. Me!


"Vanishing Point" 70' Challenger

And yet a third sweet ride from Rob Ida Concepts. This 70' Challenger is super cool - and fast. It's got a new school HEMI, custom interior, one-off wheels, credit card swipe actuated door poppers, this list goes on. I think it's kinda styled like a certain Chevelle I'm very familiar with - wonder if I may have been influencing some people??