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We Shoot Bikes (and Babes) Too!

Ok, sure, mostly we shoot custom cars but that’s not all we do. We met Joe Torres at a recent local car show and he had been looking for someone to take professional pictures of his radical 2001 Hiabusa. We pencilled him in, called one our favorite models, Victoria Marie, and had a blast “gangster-style”! So… what have you got for us next? BRING IT!!!


All-Steel, Bad-Ass, Stude-Roadster-Pickup

We see lots of cool cars - but this one is really something unique. It’s Davey Warner’s 1948 Studebaker pickup. It features an all-steel roof, which is removable - along with the door window channels, 3 pieces total. The grill is from a ’37 Ford and the hood is from a ’39 Ford. This truck was designed, built and owned right here in LA PA. Mike Heim and the guys over at Quality Custom Rides made this vision come alive. Look out for this truck in a magazine or any number of car shows in the Mid-Atlantic and/or North East.


THE Sickest Camaro You've Ever Seen!

Jim Osenenko seems like a pretty normal guy - but he must be quite twisted in his brain because this Camaro is SO far beyond wild and crazy! We met Jim at the NorthEast Custom Car & Bike show this past April, where he was an “Elite 6” finalist. The chassis underneath this beast boggles the mind. Shooting black cars is not an easy task but we were absolutely focused on giving this “Ridler” contestant our full attention!


Bruce Larson's USA-1 Camaro Funny Car

We LOVE drag racing! So we were particularly stoked when we got the opportunity to shoot this new replica of a famous old Funny Car. John Worm of Slingshot Dragsters built this car and it is currently being campaigned with the legendary former NHRA World Champion, Bruce Larson. Look for more of the images from this shoot in the near future!


What the %&$# is a Huppmobile!?!

Ok, so, I’m a car guy and I had never even heard of a “Huppmobile”. In any case, they are real, they actually existed, you can google it yourself. However, none of them EVER looked like this custom piece of John and Lauren Rose. This is one really sexy car with great lines and just oozes class and style. We LOVE what we do and we hope you enjoy looking at this thing as much as we did!


Green with Envy???

Jessica Kilby’s ’50 Chevy Stepside Pickup is WAY(cool) over the top! This truck was built here in Lancaster with help from Jessica’s dad Ross Gilbert and Bob Meshey and the guys over at Waycool Rod Shop. Trim, cowl vents, badges and the like were all either refined or removed. The hood seam was filled, the rear fenders were widened 2½ inches and the entire rearend was reworked. The tailgate was shaved clean, new latches and links were installed, and the bumper was replaced with a custom roll pan that houses a set of ’96 Cadillac taillights. Featured in the roll pan is a frenched license plate insert and exhaust outlets. The stunning two-toned green persona of the truck is the result of pearl and custom mixed Chrysler greens laid down by Dink at Waycool. Just as exotic as the paint is the African mahogany bed wood, and custom running boards. Although some of the metal tweaks were for looks, others served a purpose such as the rear fenders; they were widened to accommodate the Billet Specialties Dagger billet rollers 18x8s and 20x12s, wrapped in Mickey Thompson 16x34 and 10x28 rubber. We think you’ll agree… this thing is SICK!


Rob Harris's '72 Roadrunner is all GO not just show!

This is one of the more radical rides we’ve had the pleasure of capturing. It looks like an all-out drag car but it’s got a full interior and sees plenty of street action. Much of the work was done by Waycool Rod Shop here in Lancaster, PA, including the wild graphics and paint.


Rocky Pirrone's "Big John Mazmanian" '41 Willys Gasser Tribute

For those of you who don’t know, Rocky Pirrone is a die-hard “Gasser” guy. At this year’s NHRA U.S. Nationals he had 4 of the 12 that competed for a Wally - this is one of those 4! This is a tribute car to the original legendary gasser campaigned in the 60’s that was driven by Bones Balogh. Bones actually drive this tribute car 50 years later at both the U.S. Nationals and the California Hot Rod Reunion. We could not have been happier to shoot this super cool, old-school drag car. Keep your eyes peeled for this car on the strip at a nostalgia race near you in 2013!